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9th Biel Philosophy Days

16.11.2017 – 19.11.2017

In the fields of sports, politics, culture, sciences, philosophy, and religions, people refer to the term "we" in many different ways. Who are "we"? Where does a "we" come from? How is it developed? Which role does a "we" assume?

The 9th Biel Philosophy Days endeavour to reflect on many varied aspects of the "we", such as psychological aspects (how much "we" do I need?), cultural (in books, films, music, theatre plays), societal-ethical ("the open society and its enemies"), political-philosophical (which values do we represent?), and linguistic-philosophical ("what we don’t want to talk about, we keep quiet about"). These questions shall be tackled within the framework of presentations, discussions, workshops, and artistic projects.

Good to know
The target audience of the Biel Philosophy Days are, as always, interested laypersons. The event is staged in collaboration with the Film Podium, the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn, SRF 2 (Philosophie-Slam / Sternstunde Philosophie), the Night of 1000 Questions, the national churches, and the Literarische Biel.


Program | PDF, 104 kB

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