• Highlights

    Sonisphere Festival 2015

    The rocket has been fired! Muse returns to Switzerland with an exclusive, bombastic show.

  • Events

    Aarberger Puce

    Puce Aarberg

    24–25.04.2015 Unique flea and antiques market in the beautiful old town centre of Aarberg.

  • Events

    Biel's Farmer's Market

    Farmer's Market

    15–16.05.2015 Visit Biel's Farmer's Market, organized by the Nidaugass-Leist.

  • Events


    Vintage Festivals Lake Biel

    16–31.05.2015 Discover the traditional vintage festivals in the villages along the shores of Lake Biel.

  • Events

    International Youth Tournament

    23–24.05.2015 Young badminton players from all over Europe compete in the third Swiss Youth Open in Biel.

  • Webcams

    Bielersee | lac de Bienne

    The region Biel Seeland live

    Live images of beautiful spots all over our region.