Traces of the beaver

"I was in the 7th grade when our teacher took us on an outing to see the beaver tracks in Aarberg. A guide told us, all we needed to know. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any beavers that afternoon, but we could see from the gnawed trees and tracks that they were bravely building dams there. All the way along the beaver trail there were information boards to tell us more about the animals’ life. The fish ladder and the beaver pass were a special highlight."


Route: Aarberg - hydroelectric power station- Aarberg
Distance: 1.5 km

This hike is regarded as easy, but it is important to wear good walking shoes.

Good to know

  • The BKW offer booked guided tours about hydroelectricity and nature..
  • 150-200 years ago, there were almost no beavers left in Europe. Thanks to settlements in Central and Northern Europe, the rodent has been able to regain a foothold. The first beavers were released in Switzerland in the 1950s. The beaver is a protected species in our country.

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