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Guided tours, Ligerz

"My darling and I will always remember our first visit to Ligerz. We chose to walk from Twann to Ligerz along the wine trail. When we arrived at the famous church, we wanted to see the beauty of this place for ourselves. Well, it thoroughly deserves its reputation. The view of Lake Biel and St. Peter’s Island from there is absolutely spectacular. We even began to think about getting married here. Enchanted, we continued our daydreams along the narrow alleyways of the village. Ligerz certainly has more than one asset! There is no way you can leave this winemaking village without tasting a local wine. So there we were on the terrace of the Kreuz hotel and restaurant when my brother-in-law called to say, his first daughter had just been born! On the boat journey back, we knew that this day would remain etched in our memory forever. Could Ligerz be an enchanted village?"


Guided tour of Ligerz for about 20 people
Duration: 1 hr / 1 hr 30 min.
Price: CHF 100.00 / CHF 125.00
Bookings: Bielersee Tourismus

Good to know

Bielersee Tourismus
Postfach 11
2513 Twann
T. +41 (0) 32 315 76 67

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