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Llama and donkey trekking

"I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for when I accepted the invitation to a three-day llama trek. As I travelled to Lamboing I was very excited. After a brief introduction we trotted off towards Spitzberg, Les Prés d’Orvin and our final destination, the Chasseral. It was a great experience to get away from the hectic speed of everyday life and slow things down to a walking pace. Time flew by as we had to concentrate on the llamas at all times. It was a good experience because we had to adapt to the animals."


The Blaser family offers trekking tours lasting from three hours to several days. The eleven llamas, three alpacas and five tall donkeys are friendly and adaptable animals ideal for trekking.

Good to know

  •  Winter schedule
  • Llama trekking
  • Overnight stays in one of the guestrooms
  • Trekking camps (3 – 8 days)
  • Llama and donkey trekking combined
  • Half-, one-, two- and three-day trips for companies, schools, people with disabilities and families
  • Llama and donkey trekking combined with our own catering (on barbecue-basis)
  • BBQ service

Beni und Cora Blaser
La Chaux 4
2516 Lamboing
Beni Blaser: T. +41 (0)79 630 05 43
Cora Blaser: T. +41(0)79 101 76 03

Llama and donkey trekking

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